Engaging students in e-learning

 I attended quite a few webinars since pandemic and also gave many webinars and realized for sure it is very different than our traditional seminars where you have audience in front of you and can seek instant feedback.  Recently, I attended a workshop that had 800+ people participating in it online. Impressed with the scale at which one can reach across globe without much limitation was amazing. I thought to myself about the power of information selling. There were people from all over India and overseas. The instructor was showing PPT and also explaining it very well. For him his HD camera was his audience and for us Zoom screen was our instructor. It may get depressing for teachers to talk to camera. To my surprise he started using Zoom chat feature very effectively to keep the audience engaged. He would ask a question and ask people to type the response in chat window. Soon chat window is flooded with responses from participants. At times he will ask us to show “Two Thumbs Up” in agreement to what he says and he would check on video gallery. He kept doing that regularly to keep us engaged. I thought to myself that’s an easy to way to keep students engaged by asking them easy questions and obtaining their responses in chat window to keep them motivated and also maintaining their attention. My workshop was for 3 full days from 9AM to 6PM but I never felt out of place or disconnected. I thought this is a great way to keep students “in” the class.

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