Online Proctored exam: Things you must know.


Online Proctored exam is trending more than ever. The advent Online Proctoring examination has helped many universities and learning centers to turn pen and paper exams into a complete online process.

These changes in the education sector not only relieve the administrative burden of taking the typical classroom type exams, but also make it easier for students to take exams at home.

At present, home education is a new routine for educators and students. Institutions can use technology to teach completely online. As a result, the education sector is leveraging the essential benefits of e-learning, such as cost effectiveness, time savings, consistency and flexibility.

What is an online proctored exam?

Online proctored exams can be defined as assessments taken online by students with the help of a mechanism that ensures the authenticity of the test taker and prevents him/her from cheating.

This can be done through webcam surveillance, through an online real-time test supervisor (proctor) during the evaluation period, or through the help of AI-powered online supervisory software that randomly takes pictures of candidates during the test for later evaluation.

Online proctored exams are organized through a computer or mobile phone and require a stable internet connection, microphone and webcam.

Online proctored exams offer many benefits. One major advantage is that candidates are monitored throughout the exam without a real proctor with the candidate, so there is no need for a proctor each time they take the exam.

Apart from that, the online proctored exam relieves the logistical burden of performing physical exams in schools/universities/study centers like assigning exam centers, hall tickets, assigning room number and seat numbers, arranging invigilators for each room, printing question papers, ordering blank answer sheets and ensuring that each room has enough stationery for the students taking the test, etc.

A common method of conducting an assessment consists of scheduling a test location/test center, notifying candidates, overseeing the test, evaluating a copy of the test, and declaring the final result. With e-learning, most of these processes are considered redundant.

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How does online proctored exam work?

Online proctored exams are timed online exams, and online proctored exam software monitors the candidate's computer desktop, webcam video, and audio during the exam.

Data recorded by the online proctored exam software can be sent to the proctoring service for review.


Before the exam begins, candidates are required to click their own pic for facial recognition and also provide a pic of their identification like Aadhar card, PAN card or school/college I-card. To avoid errors during evaluation, test your microphone and webcam before the start of the test.

The software automatically red flag test takers who shows suspicious activity during test such as switching browser tabs or copying/pasting answers. The students who are found to look away from the camera too often are tagged as “High Risk”. Similarly if multiple faces are detected in the pics and videos captured during the test, then the student is tagged as “High Risk”. A proctor can terminate the student’s test or give a warning message to student – the messages from proctor are flashed in the header area – so students can be alerted.

What are the benefit of online proctored exam for school and institute?

Worldwide, the demand for online proctored exam has increased fivefold since the pandemic. India is particularly on the rise, with UGC's mandate to take end-of-semester exams. Let's take a quick look at the advantages of remote supervision.


Conducting exam is a time-consuming process and requires many steps and manpower. Online exams can be done without wasting the time and effort of multiple people. Online proctored exam improves the process by reducing the involvement of individuals monitoring students. This makes the inspection more agile. Eliminating the individual's presence allows candidates to take the exam from remote locations.


Advanced online proctored exam allows you to conduct large online exams. Candidates can participate in the examination from their own personal device, and the system and proctors monitor individual exam takers. There are no space constraints or human resources issues to manage your tests.

Fast delivery – exams, evaluation & results

As described above, an agile online exam platform helps institutions deliver exams quickly. Test software combined with online proctoring also improves evaluation and declaration of results. The system automatically evaluates answers for objective questions and can announce results as soon as candidates complete the exam. Even for subjective questions, you can perform assessments and declare results with just a few clicks.

Cheat proof

Schools and universities are examination hubs, so there is a lot of chances of cheating during testing. The online proctored test, along with other rules for digitally preventing cheating on online exams, ensures that each candidate is sitting alone in the room while taking the online exam to ensure that students cannot cheat.

Also, Cheating is very difficult when an invisible watcher is constantly watching you through a large video screen.


As the involvement of many supervisors is eliminated, institutions can reduce the cost of conducting tests significantly. Institutions only need to invest money in online exam software through online proctoring services. Uploading the test and the candidate's details into the software is the only step involved in the pretest process. Elimination of physical space requirement, printed question papers and stationery also result in a cost saving.


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  1. Following are the benefits of Online Proctored Exam:

    1. Students have the flexibility to choose when can they sit for the exams.
    2. Students can sit anywhere for the exams according to their comfort.
    3. No need to arrange space, seats and other stuffs like we do for offline exams.

    Jian Kapoor, Online Proctoring Solutions Expert